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Product Introduction:
KTV Effector
  • features


    Aluminum al loy panel ,simple and generous appearance.

    Four inputs , convenient to switch sound sources.

    Short-circuit protection and DC protection

    Good cool ing design ensure better heat dissipation

    Single reverberation chip design.

    Two signal output terminals, two microphones Input for wireless


    Japan original toshiba transistor.



    1, 5.1 decoding, two-way microphone adjustment, music dynamic balance;

    2, with speaker processor function, the main channel, subwoofer, center, auxiliary independent adjustable.

    3, full parametric equalization (15 music, 20 microphones);

    4, the new computer operation interface, support the effect of saving and sending, the operation is simple and intuitive;

    5, unique echo, reverberation effect parameter equalization (PEQ/LSH/HSH switching);

    6, auxiliary channel (including subwoofer) music and microphone parameters can be adjusted independently;

    7, each channel has a delay function, suitable for a variety of room types and speaker placement;

    8, the fifth generation feedback suppression program;

    9, independent research and development of new circuits, wide-band response, high-speed CPU, processing more fine;

    10, with recording output, the output parameters can be adjusted independently;

    11, administrator / user mode switch to ensure system security.

    12, wireless WiFi operation is optional;


  • Comment

DM20new version update step


1) Copy the compressed package to the USB flash drive (note that you don't need to decompress it, it is best to format the USB flash drive first)


2) Insert the USB flash drive into any USB port of the mixer, and click “SETUP” on the mixer panel → “Maintenance” → “Update from USB” in the screen


Follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.

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