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Product Introduction:
2 Way Single 8 Inch Professional Speaker
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    The domestic high-qual ity unit is used as the core component, with smooth frequency response and precise coverage angle. The

    sound is crystal clear and transparent, and the space and texture are excel lent.

    A new generation of cost-effective professional speaker system, designed for all kinds of sound reinforcement places such as slow

    rocking bar. It is known for its excel lent conversion characteristics such as high conversion efficiency, strong penetration level,

    dynamic and powerful. Its constant directivity horn and neodymium treble design have almost the same sound field coverage as the

    woofer. The designed matching high-frequency horn and the coverage characteristics of the woofer achieve a smooth transition,

    providing a wide sound coverage angle, natural and open sound. It has a high conversion efficiency, making it easier to match the

    power amplifier, and the drive problem is solved. And through the LMS, SmaartLive and other software to design a rigorous crossover

    circuit, with excellent signal crossover processing performance, and designed with high-pitched dynamic protection circuit, can make

    the speaker effectively protected under the conditions of continuous high output.


    Model TF08 TF06
    System 2-WAY FULL RANGE
    Frequency response 57Hz-20KHz 63Hz-20KHz
    Driver LF:8"×1, LF:6.5"×1,HF:
    HF:1.34"×1 1.34"×1
    Nomina limpedance 8 Ohms 8 Ohms
    System sensitivity 96dB 94dB
    Rated power 150W 100W
    Peak power 300W 200W
    Maximum SPL 121dB 117dB
    Crossover  mode Inside  crossovers
    Net weight 8KG 6KG
    Size(mm) 234W*270D*390H 200W*230D*350H

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DM20new version update step


1) Copy the compressed package to the USB flash drive (note that you don't need to decompress it, it is best to format the USB flash drive first)


2) Insert the USB flash drive into any USB port of the mixer, and click “SETUP” on the mixer panel → “Maintenance” → “Update from USB” in the screen


Follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.

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