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Product Introduction:
2 Way Single 12 Inch Professional Speaker
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    l Two-way 10-inch low-frequency drive unit and high-frequency neodymium magnetic drive unit 1.38 inches (Φ38mm)

    l Directivity 70°×60°, frequency can be controlled to 1.6KHZ

    l After exporting the air hole speaker, as long as it is 25-40CM away from the wall, it can erupt a strong low frequency with a strong surrounding feeling.

    l Four-stage crossover combination circuit design ensures reliable operation of the driver

    l Sensitivity 97db (1M/1W), maximum sound pressure level 123db

    l rated power 350W, peak 1400W

    lM8 multi-point hanging method for easy lifting

    l Widely used in high-end entertainment clubs, private villas, mass-market KTV, multi-purpose halls, etc.


    MODEL KP051 KP052
    System 2WAY FALL RANGE
    Frequency response 62Hz-20KHz 55Hz-20KHz
    Driver LF:10"×1 HF:1.38"×1 LF:12"×1 HF:1.38"×1
    Nominal lmpedance 8 Ω
    System sensitivity 95dB 97dB
    Rated power 350W 450W
    Peak power 1400W 1800W
    Maximum SPL 123db 125db
    Package size mm(W*D*H) 300W*370D*530H 360W*410D*6000H

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DM20new version update step


1) Copy the compressed package to the USB flash drive (note that you don't need to decompress it, it is best to format the USB flash drive first)


2) Insert the USB flash drive into any USB port of the mixer, and click “SETUP” on the mixer panel → “Maintenance” → “Update from USB” in the screen


Follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.

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