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Product Introduction:
3 Way Dual 12 Inch Line Array Speaker
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    Three-way design, 2 x 12" low frequency driver, 1 10" IF drive unit and

    2 3" high frequency compression drive units and 3" waveguide diffuser.

    The mechanical components and acoustic design make the Q212

    vertical column type hanging, the number of hanging up to 24, the vertical

    coupling angle of the speaker can be adjusted between 0 ° and 7 °, the

    step size is 1 °. Cyl indrical waves form a very consistent coupl ing in a

    vertical plane. Since the film low-frequency driver uses a dipole arrangement,

    the excellent 80° horizontal constant diffusion angle can control the lower

    l imit to 250 Hz. The Q212 can be composed of a l inear array system

    independently or with multiple Q212A speakers. The Q212 speaker uses

    marine plywood, lacquer and PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection). The front

    panel of the speaker is protected by a rigid metal mesh, the side panel and

    the rear panel incorporate four handles, and the rear panel is equipped with

    two NL8 paral lel interfaces.



    MODEL Q212 Q212A
    System 3-way full range Sub Bass
    Frequency response 48Hz-18kHz 32Hz-105Hz
    Driver LF: 12"*2, MF: 10"*1,HF: 3"*2 18*1 front, 18"*1 rear
    lmpedance LF:12ohms, MF:8ohms, HF: 8ohms 4ohms
    Sensitivity LF: 102db, MF: 106db, HF: 114db 101db
    Rated power LF: 800W, MF:350W, HF: 160W 1200W front, 600W rear
    Peak power LF: 1600W, MF: 700W, HF:320W 3600W front, 1800W rear
    Maximum SPL LF: 136db, MF: 137db, HF: 142db 40db
    Diffusion Range 80°(100m)*1-7°(150m) (H*V) 80°(100m)*1-7°(150m) (H*V)
    Crossover mode External Frequency Division External Frequency Division
    Installation Linear Hanging Linear Hanging
    Product size mm(W*D*H) 1100*570*360 1100*1063*540

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DM20new version update step


1) Copy the compressed package to the USB flash drive (note that you don't need to decompress it, it is best to format the USB flash drive first)


2) Insert the USB flash drive into any USB port of the mixer, and click “SETUP” on the mixer panel → “Maintenance” → “Update from USB” in the screen


Follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.

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