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  • Linhai Secondary Vocational Technical School, 2018-6-22

  • 2018-6-7 Tibet National Opera

  • 2018-6-2 Sichuan Mianyang 50 sets of audio equipment and CA001 outdoor line array audition project case picture

  • 2018-6-1 rhyme more than 200 pairs of audio power culture to the countryside activities project picture

  • 2018-5-30 Yun Qiang won the high-paid small giant enterprise certificate WeChat public number

  • No. 2018-5-29 Yunqiang Audio helps Dongguan City Technician College project case

  • 2018.8.13 Shaanxi Ballroom

  • 2018.8.8 Xining Fourth Middle Ladder Classroom

  • 2018.7.30 Jinshang Middle School

  • 2018.7.27 Kazuo Playground

  • 2018.7.23Shenzhen Manchester Castle School

  • 2018.7.17Jilin Dahongtu Vocational Education Center

  • 2018.7.16 Qingcheng Culture and Art Center

  • 2018.7.9 Dayao Town, Liuyang City (Huafu Beibei Kindergarten)

  • 2018.7.3 Sihui Middle School Su Donglin Gymnasium

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