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Warranty Period :
The warranty period is as follow :
Power Amplifiers - 2 years
Powered Speaker Module – 2 years
Line Array and Speakers – 2 years
The warranty period will commence on the date of original purchase . The damage by human action or force majeure shall not be contained in the warranty scope .
Terms of Service : 
We don't provide spare parts for sample orders ; for big order or regular orders , we will put some components of the amplifiers;  diaphragms, recone kits and internal filters of speakers which may be damaged following delivery.
Within the warranty period , we'll be responsible for repair or replacement for any defected or damaged products free of charge . But it is only for damaged components , if you want the complete boards for swap , you should pay.
For over service lifetime , we'll be responsible for repair and only charge for the replaced components .
Shipping Costs:

The user will cover the shipping costs of returning the defective goods.

The user will cover the shipping costs for non-warranty service goods to and from us or an Authorized Service Representative.

For return to factory :
Factory : Guangzhou Yunqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd
ADD: Longhu Industrial,Shijing Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou city,Guangdong, P.R China
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